Company Profile

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We have been producing a variety of Japanese teas, especially the unique "Yamecha", since our foundation in 1938.We have been working hard to develop a high grade Yamecha which contains a genuine Yamecha aroma and flavor.

Soil preparation is critical when producing quality tea. Our strong passion in maintaining healthy, nutritious soil delivers the quality tea leaves which we use in our Yamecha.

We will continue to work hard to produce the finest Yamecha in the world.

Company Profile

Name Kogachagyo Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters & Primary Factory Address 493-1, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi, Miyama-shi, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Secondary Factory Address Ebisu-machi, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi, Miyama-shi, Fukuoka, JAPAN
CEO Satoko Koga
Founded Day May 1938
Established Day May 1975
Capital 18 million JPY
Accounting Period January
Number of Employees 30
Board Directors President & CEO : Satoko Koga
Board Director : Kaoru Koga
Executive Director : Masahiro Koga
Products & Service Yame Green Tea Processing and Retail
Bank The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.
The Chikuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Annual Turnover JPY 1,200,000,000
Marketing Contact Japan:Tokyo,Uji,Shizuoka,All over the Country
Overseas:Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Lithuania, Vietnam, Singapore, HoungKong, Several other countries

Company History

May 1938 Tamezo Koga founded "Koga Shoten" at 1010,Shimonosho,Setaka-machi.
Jul 1948 Our store removed to 1437, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi. We started the tea processing and retail.
Feb 1967 We bought the factory site in Tsutsui, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi.
Oct 1967 The construction of the secondary factory was completed. The second factory began its operation.
Nov 1969 The secondary phase of construction work (Extension of second factory) was completed,began operations. The extension of the second factory was competed.
Dec 1971 We opened a branch store “Koga no Cha-ho” (a Rretail section) at Yabegawa, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi.
May 1975 Kogachagyo Co.,Ltd. was established.Masatoshi Koga was appointed to the president.
Jul 1975 We bought the new factory site at 493-1, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi.
Mar 1977 The primary factory was constructed and, began its operations.
Oct 1977 We opened “Kogachagyo Gift Center” (a retail section) at 493-1, Shimonosho, Setaka-machi.
Nov 1989 Associated company “Hikari Company” was established.
Mar 1993 Headquarters office was extended.
Oct 1997 We opened our shop in Fukuoka MITSUKOSHI Department Store, started selling “Yame Shiracha”, “Yame Sencha Kaori”.
Mar 2003 Headquarters & primary factory has been completed. was constructed.
Dec 2003 We received ISO 9001:2000(Quality Management).
Apr 2006 Masatoshi Koga was appointed to the executive chairman. Satoko Koga was appointed to the president.
Mar 2008 We set up Ishida X-ray(IXND),Keyence Ink-Jet printer and camera.
Nov 2008 “Yame Shiracha” was awarded the Highest Gold in World Green Tea Contest 2008.
May 2010 “Yame Shiracha” was awarded the Highest Gold, “Yame Gyokuro Icecream” was awarded the Silver in Monde Selection.
Mar 2011 We opened “Au Doungue” in the Road Station “Miyama”.
Sep 2012 Kogachagyo facebook page was opened.
Oct 2013 “Yame Sencha Kaori” was adopted as the tea, which is served in the train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” by Kyushu Railway Company. “Yame Sencha Kaori” started to be served in the train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” by Kyushu Railway Company.
Apr 2014 We started selling “Yame Wakocha Sparkling”(Japanese sparkling black tea).
Oct 2014 We started selling “Seven Stars’ Yamecha”. “Yame Wakocha Sparkling” was winning at the Fukuoka Design Award 2014.
Mar 2015 We started selling “Yame Wakocha Sparkling -Blue-”.